Striders achieve the BIG Wainwrights dream!

30th December 2023

Who doesn’t like to dream big, who doesn’t want to achieve something awesome, and when it comes to running challenges in the fells there is nothing bigger than the Lake District fells and the Wainwrights.  There are loads of celebrated individual records to go at, whether that be the Bob Graham, the Tea Round, Lakeland 3000’s, a continuous loop of all the Wainwrights, and while these superhuman feats are to be marvelled at, putting your own stamp in the record books is beyond most of us.  However, as a collective, there was an opportunity for Knaresborough Striders and members of all ability and experience to get a piece of this action, by becoming only the second club ever to put a runner on top of every fell in one day.

On May 7th 2022, Knaresborough Striders achieved exactly that, bagging all 214 of the Wainwrights in one day (with a little help from a few friends and family).  Each and every walker, jogger and runner pulled together to deliver a truly inspiring result.  The beauty of this challenge is that it required the collective action to achieve it, with all contributions as valuable as the next, and while we really needed some of our heavy hitters to deliver on the big days with runs over 30km and silly levels of ascent, just as valuable were the shorter distance routes that all contributed vital fells towards the critical 214 number.  This for me is really the magic of Striders, that all levels are catered to, and why this challenge and opportunity to make history suited us perfectly.

We created a WhatsApp group in the week leading up to the big day to help keep track, and throughout the week you could sense the excitement building up to something truly special and on the day itself it just exploded.  There was a constant stream of messages and pictures all day, inspiring and motivating everyone onwards towards the special achievement.

 We will look at doing a fuller write up and encouraging words from as many Striders as possible to share their experiences of the day once it has sunk in, but just wanted to share a quote that perfectly summed up the day for me;

               “It was such an awesome feeling to look out at the mountains in every direction, and know that at some point during the day there would be a Strider summiting them, nutters”

 A massive shout out to all 33 Striders that came together and contributed fells to the make us only the second club to bag all 214 Wainwrights in a single day.

 Dan Molesworth

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