Pie & Pint Night Social Night

24th March 2024

“it looks like Endure”…

…and so it was, that 30 intrepid Striders strode off at 7pm, lit up like Blackpool to stride up through the darkness of Beryl Burton and down the Nidderdale Greenway at Bilton. A lovely snake of lights, never been seen before, and all in the need of pie! Neither Beryl Burton nor the cycle path have any lights so it was just like Endure24, seeing head and body-torches bobbing up and down!

I’ve run the cycle path many, many times but never in the dark. I didn’t realise how much longer it felt and there seemed to be the constant recurring question in my head ‘are we nearly there yet?’! ‘There’ was The Boar’s Head in Ripley.

There were 2 groups. Those that ran the full 10km from the cricket club, and those that did a 5km run from Bilton but we all met up at the same place for the much anticipated Pie & Pint Night.

The options were the Pie of the Week which this week was Chicken & Chorizo, Steak & Ale, potato-topped Fish Pie and a Mediterranean Vegetable pie. I’m very grateful to say that there were empty plates and full tummies! As the organiser of such a ‘do’, I’d have been gutted if it was the other way round! 

Afterwards, the 10km runners headed to the car park for their lifts back to the cricket club, and the 5km Bilton crew possibly rethought their decision as they left with full tummies for the 5km walk back! There were offers of lifts which could have been arranged but they decided the extra walk might do their waistline good!

There are a couple of worthy mentions, and these go to Dave & Sarah Glover. They definitely deserved their pies as they parked in Ripley at 6pm, ran to Knaresborough to meet us all and then ran 10km back to The Boar’s Head. 

This was the last Pie & Pint Night for the winter 2024 season so we need a reason to come back! Oh yes! Burger Night throughout the Summer so watch this space because I’m sure after the success of last night, we’ll definitely do it again!

Thank you to everyone who made it such a great evening, and I hope next time we can add to those numbers. 

Keep an eye on the calendar and website for the next Striders Social, and hope to see you all there.