I’m Paula – Membership Secretary for Knaresborough Striders.

I started running after moving to Knaresborough and wanting to take part in the amazing Knaresborough bedrace. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, my team eventually got a place and I have now run it 4 times and loved every minute!

I joined Knaresborough Striders just before Covid and have thoroughly enjoyed making new friends, improving my running and getting fitter in the process. Going out running with a group of people is so much easier than running on your own and being part of the club has inspired me to tackle a variety of races, events and terrains with the support of fellow striders.

My role as membership secretary is to renew / sign up all members who wish to be registered with EA athletics, respond to enquiries from people who want to know more about the club and help them to become a new member. I will hopefully be able to welcome you into the club and answer any questions you may have. Come and introduce yourself!

On a club night I am often leading or running with Jog 1, the occasional Inters 2 and sometimes Eric’s training sessions!