Striders 24hr Challenge

Set your alarm clocks, our virtual 24hr Challenge is back!

Thought about taking part in Endure24 but haven’t been able to commit to the main event at Bramham Park in June…. fear not as we will be holding our own 24-hour club event on the 6th and 7th July where you can walk, jog or run anywhere you want!

Our aim will be to clock up as many miles as we can, as a club, over the 24hr period between 12 Noon Saturday and 12 Noon Sunday but we will not be setting a specific route or mileage requirement for each participant to achieve. Participants will be allocated to a team with the aim that each team fills all the available slots throughout the 24hr period.


The event will be utilised to raise funds for a local charity (which is yet to be decided) via an entry fee of £5 and we are aiming to arrange a social event at a venue in Knaresborough on the Sunday afternoon / evening (details to follow nearer to the event).


So how will it work?

· The 24hr period will be split into 1-hour slots and it will up to the person allocated in each slot to decide how far they want to walk, jog or run during the hour, with a maximum recordable distance of 10km (6.2 miles) in each slot.

· Each participant doesn’t have to use the whole hour they have been allocated however only one participant in each team can record distance in each 1-hour slot, with each new slot starting on the hour.

· Participants will devise their own route to walk, jog or run and handover to the next team member either in person or virtually (via text or some other digital method). This means you don’t have to be in the locality of Knaresborough to take part – you could be on the beach in Spain, in the forest at Dalby or in the Nidd Gorge!

· A participant can ask to be allocated to several different slots (up to a maximum of 4 initially), but consecutive slots will not be allocated unless we have gaps to fill once teams have had initial allocations made.

· Participants will be allocated to teams based on ensuring that all the slots have been filled. The number of teams will be decided upon once the number of participants has been defined. The aim is to have fun and not for each team to be competing against each other!

· A team captain for each team will feedback, to a central HQ team, the miles their team members have logged to allow regular social media updates to be provided on the clubs progress throughout the 24 hour period.


How can I take part?

· Commit to walk/jog/run for a minimum of 1no. time slot by completing the Sign Up form by 20:00 Friday 10th May.

· On the form, please tick all the times you are willing to run at and advise how many slots you would like over the 24hr period (up to a maximum of 4 initially).


Payment of entry fee (£5) can be made to the Striders bank account (40-26-20, 11295985) using the reference of ‘24HR First Name, Last Name’


If you have any questions regarding the event, please speak to James Wright at a club night or via email –

Event Details

6th July 2024
Maximum of 10km per hour