Striders 24hr Challenge

Set your alarm clocks, our virtual 24hr Challenge is back!

On 6th/7th July our aim is to clock up as many miles as we can, as a club, over the 24hr period between 12 Noon Saturday and 12 Noon Sunday. The event will raise funds for the MS Society via an entry fee of £5 per person.

So how will it work?

The 24hr period will be split into 1-hour slots and it will be up to the person allocated in each slot to decide how far they want to walk, jog or run during the hour, with a maximum recordable distance of 10km (6.2 miles) in each slot.

Each participant does not have to use the whole hour they have been allocated however only one participant in each team can record distance in each 1-hour slot, with each new slot starting on the hour.

Participants will devise their own route to walk, jog or run and handover to the next team member either in person or virtually. This means participants don’t have to be in the locality of Knaresborough to take part – you could be on the beach in Spain, in the forest at Dalby or in the Nidd Gorge!

The aim is to have fun and not for each team to be competing against each other!

Confirmed Teams:

Team 1

  • Louise Lodh
  • Sarah Glover
  • Robbie Whellans
  • Steve Dodsworth
  • Steve Ellmore
  • Paula Wilkinson
  • James Wright
  • Carla Reddish
  • Donna Tucker


Team 2

  • Debbie Herridge-Whellans
  • David Glover
  • Chris Batten
  • Linda Dodsworth
  • Dave Sinton
  • Ruth Mann
  • Kerry Rockall
  • Gaynor Downs

Event Details

6th July 2024
Maximum of 10km per hour