Easter Hunt Run

2nd April 2024

Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken…set a little hunt for me!!!!!

It was windy and rainy when 5 groups set off from the cricket club, all on the same route to hunt the chicks!

A 7km route was checked during the day to make sure there were plenty of lit up areas where the chicks could patiently wait to be counted.

Many runners noticed that they may have looked more like ducks – but lets not mention that…

The final instruction before leaving KCC was upon their return to the cricket club, they needed to locate the whereabouts of the Easter bunny. 

It wasn’t going to be difficult since this particular bunny doesn’t like being outside in the rain, and despite her best efforts to stay outside as long as possible, she relocated to the sanctuary of the bar to a lot of strange looks from the darts players!

No one really minded as this bunny had chocolate!

All that was left to be done was submit their answers. This was the best bit as the numbers were quite ‘varied’.

It was inevitable that the Run group led by Steve E. would be first back – they counted 7 – they obviously ran much too fast for counting chicks!

Nicola and Inters 1 followed close behind with a total count of 22

Debbie and Inters 2 arrived next with a count of 18

Jog 1 led by Kerry counted 14

Kat’s Jog 2 counted 21. 

Needless to say, every runner looked a little more soggy and bedraggled than they did when they left.

The actual number was 23 so well done to Nicola and gang. They happily left with a stash of cakes and chocolate eggs.

The Easter bunny is signing off for this year, but you never know when she may turn up in another fabulous onesie – only kidding – that’s my one fancy dress outing done for 2024! 

Happy Easter one and all,

D. Xx