A very casual runner pre COVID, successive lockdowns really introduced me to the joys of running and I haven’t looked back since. Happiest running long distances in the hills, but love all types of running, from short fast races to long and slow ultras.

Joining Knaresborough Striders was one of the best things for improving my running, since joining I’ve run ultras, significantly improved all distance PBs, started racing regularly and my passion for running has just grown. However the best thing about joining Striders is the social side, previously I’d have always run alone but now take great pleasure in club night runs or Sunday morning long runs with a group of like minded runners (or running weekends away as a group). Having only moved to Knaresborough relatively recently and not knowing anyone, joining Striders has really made me feel connected to the town, always bumping into people I know when out and about.

As Vice Chair I want to help to maintain what Striders has meant to me, improving as a runner, introducing people to new types of running and providing a great social connection in Knaresborough.