21st May 2024

I find myself following Mr Rockall’s lead on multiple counts, firstly by following his excellent template for race reports, and secondly by writing a report about a race I didn’t actually participate in (must try harder!).

The Burton Leonard 10k is a firm favourite and a stalwart in the Championship calendar, and going by all the facebook posts it didn’t disappoint this time round either.  Following a mixture of quite roads and local trails the route covers 10km and circa 130m of ascent.  On one of those rare warm and sunny spring days with wall to wall sunshine 28 Striders found themselves toeing the start line.

Full results can be found here

In the female senior category Sima continued her near inevitable march to the championship title in much the same vein as Manchester City closing in on the Premier League, claiming yet another category 1st place, making it 5 out of 5 now, as well as claiming 2nd female overall – excellent result Sima.  In her second championship outing of the season Louise bagged her second, second place finish (all the 2s), while Sarah Gummer took the 3rd place podium finish to add to her previous 1st and 3rd place finishes.  Amy, Donna, Sara and Zoe shared the remaining places in the Female Senior category.  


In the female veteran category Paula has now joined Katrina in qualifying for the championship title with 7 races finished (only missing one so far).  As with the near inevitable march in the female senior category, Carla Reddish appears to be running away with the title already, claiming her fourth 1st place position out of 4 races.  Emma was able to bag a third consecutive 2 place finish while Paula took home 3rd (to go with a nice existing spread of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes).  While Katrina took home 4th place and remains the only contender in the running to repeat Andy’s feat of 2023,with 8 races out of 8 so far in 2024, with Kate completing her first race of the calendar year coming in 5th

In the senior male category James Ireland backed up his 1st place category finish at Melmerby with another 1st place category finish as well as claiming 2nd place overall.  Tom Wilson put in a strong display just back from injury, claiming a 2nd place category position and 3rd place overall.  If my interpretation of Mr Rockall’s spreadsheets are to be believed this was David Glovers first championship race of the season and saw him bag a third place category finish (I am sure I will swiftly be corrected if this proves not to be the case).  This also appears to be the first race for Joshua and Marc as well, taking 4th and 6th respectively, with Paul, Del and Norm also finishing in 5th, 7th and 8th


As inevitable as Sima and Carla appear in their respective categories, John H  is tightening his grip on first place in the male vet category with his 6th consecutive 1st place category finish.  It is a similar story in 2nd with Ewan claiming his sixth 2nd place finish, as well as one 1st place outing, which gives Ewan the required seven races to qualify for the championships (first in the male vet category). Steve E was able to claim the other podium finish, with Guy M, Richard K, Andrew H, Andrew T and Pete N coming 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th respectively.

Once again, a big congratulations to all Striders toeing the start line, I look forwards to joining you on another start line soon.

Race Report by Daniel Molesworth